About us

Delft's investment society; by students, for students.

It started in 2014 with a visit to the Zuidas in Amsterdam, the financial centre of the Netherlands. With a group of students, studying at TU Delft for the Finance minor, we visited ABN AMRO and Kempen & Co to get a better idea of how a financial institution operates. Most of us had never seen a trading desk before. Applying our technical and mathematical skills to financial issues was something new; of course, we were studying to become engineers. By the end of the minor and company visits, it was clear that many of us wanted to go further into finance. So that’s what we did!


Together, we formed our own investment society where we could apply the theory of our minor. Together, we manage our portfolios and make adjustments based on current economic developments. We also constantly expand our knowledge by attending symposiums, organising finance-related activities and maintaining close ties with financial institutions.

Currently, many of our members and alumni work for major firms such as ING, NN Group, EY, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. We believe Bona Fide is a perfect platform to share ideas and thereby become better investors, ready for a future in finance.