Meetings & Training

Once every 2 weeks, a meeting takes place where both funds are present. During these meetings, the portfolio is evaluated and new stocks or other products are pitched. There is also room for educational presentations on finance-related topics, such as the valuation of companies using DCF or the role of artificial intelligence in finance.

In-house days

In recent years, several in-house days have been organised at partners of Bona Fide. An in-house day gives you the opportunity to meet employees and get answers to all your questions about the organisation concerned. You will get a good impression of the atmosphere and culture within the organisation.

Social activities

Besides all the educational activities, we also find it important to get to know each other better. After every meeting, we always chat over a drink, and throughout the year we organise several get-togethers and other social activities to create and maintain a friendly atmosphere within the society.