Board XIII

Meet the 8th board!

Daan (4)

Daan van Hamersveld


Let me introduce myself: Daan van Hamersveld, Chairman, 22.

Hello readers, besides being chairman of Bona Fide, I am also an entrepreneur and now a fifth-year student. My company sells condoms as well as chips and bicycle lights; can you guess what I do? I graduated in Biomedical Sciences in Leiden and am now studying Applied Physics in Delft. My interest in financial markets led me to take a minor in M&A in Rotterdam where I could deepen my knowledge of valuation methods. Eventually, this is how I ended up at Bona Fide where I was mainly looking for like-minded people who shared the same passion. I joined Magna Capital because they are open to original ideas. People regularly joke that I would be with the wrong fund as my investment philosophy is more in line with that of Bona Fide 1, where the focus is on determining the intrinsic value of investments.

The opportunity to become the association’s board was surprising to me as I was asked when I had only been a member for a few months. Under the motto ‘anything goes’, I took the bull by the horns and went full steam ahead. Since then, I have grown as chairman, along with the society. I get tremendous energy from our community and I am proud of what we are building together.

Luan van Nimwegen


Introducing: Luan van Nimwegen, Secretary, 26.

Hey, how nice that you’re here. So you want to know a bit more about the blond guy from the Bona Fide board. I’ve been enjoying myself at TU Delft for a while now, but I live in Rotterdam these days. However, the faculty of my master’s, Engineering and Policy Analysis, can be found in Leiden University’s building in The Hague. To still pull away from the Randstad a bit, I am also organising a study trip to Japan.

I have always been interested in finance, but I only started investing in 2020. After a great time at Virgiel, my income finally started to exceed expenses. A shame then not to make that money work for you. After good stories from my housemate, I then also quickly joined Bona Fide. I have already learned an awful lot there, but every meeting I still learn something new. Besides, I have a great time with the (former) members. So I immediately seized the opportunity to join the board in these times when everything is (finally) possible again. Besides being secretary of the society, I can also call myself chairman of the Magna Capital fund. This is where I have felt perfectly at home since my enrolment.

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Olivier Eising