LYNX opens Amsterdam Exchange together with the chairman of Magna Capital.

Every working day at exactly 9 ‘o clock the gong is hit at the Amsterdam Exchange. However, on Wednesday morning the 16th of November this event was even more special. LYNX, the stockbroker and partner of Bona Fide had the chance to open the exchange. The reason for this was that LYNX had won the ‘Gouden Stier’ for best stockbroker. This is some type of Oscar in the Dutch investment world.

With the opening of the exchange Cornel de Vroomen, the chairman of the fund Magna Capital, had a chance to experience the opening first hand. The tradition is already very old and still is done every day that stocks can be traded. It is often done by companies who have something to celebrate or had been in the news lately. The group of representatives has to stand on the balcony, start counting down 10 seconds before 9 ‘o clock and at 9 o’ clock the gong is hit. The AEX has been opened, and the trading day has started!

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